Tongue Tie 101

Learn what a tongue tie is and how you can address it, gently and holistically. 

❗ Are you concerned your baby has a tongue or lip tie?
❗ Maybe you’ve been struggling with difficult, painful breastfeeding or
❗ Your baby isn’t gaining weight and their pediatrician is concerned.
❗ You might be wondering if your baby really has a tongue or lip tie and what can be done about it. 

You’re in the right place - this course is for you!

In this mini-course, you’ll learn the basics of what a tongue tie is, why it makes breastfeeding difficult and the root causes behind tongue tie that will help you take your first steps in your journey toward healing. 

Meet Kelly O’Brien Pahman, a craniosacral therapist who specializes in helping families address tongue and lip ties in a holistic, gentle way. Learn from Kelly as she gives you an introduction to the subject of tongue ties and tethered tissues, helps you find the best care providers for you and walks you through the process of a tongue tie revision and healing. 

You might be in a tough spot right now, but there’s hope. Learn what you need to know so you and your baby can work through a tongue tie and breastfeed successfully.

6 Modules


Tongue Tie 101 is a great introduction to tongue tie - but there's so much more to learn! 

What is a Tongue Tie and why is it causing issues?

Learn the root cause of a tongue tie and why it takes more than a simple revision to address the issue. 

One Thing Parents Wish They Knew

Addressing a tongue tie is a journey. Learn what other parents who have experienced that journey wish they knew at the start. 

Getting the Therapy Team You Deserve

Have you felt dismissed or unheard by your care providers? Learn why and how to find a team that provides you the best care

The Tongue Tie Revision Process

Learn from a dentist about the process of getting a tongue tie revised and the importance of a team of care providers to ensure success.

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