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O’Brien Pahman is a respected craniosacral therapist and the owner of Grand Rapids Craniosacral Therapy. She is a leader in addressing tongue tie through a holistic and collaborative approach, addressing the underlying issues in the body that lie at the root of a tongue tie. 

Kelly discovered the power of craniosacral therapy (CST) in her work as a doula, noting that clients who regularly received craniosacral therapy had shorter labors with shorter and more efficient contractions. CST has also touched Kelly’s life personally – helping her overcome a traumatic brain injury and chronic pain.  The power of this gentle but effective therapy intrigued Kelly, leading her to study craniosacral therapy at the highly-respected Upledger Institute and open her own practice. She specializes in craniosacral therapy for newborns and young children, having studied the topic intensively and creating a local network of care providers to help her clients get the help they deserve. Kelly’s warm, kind personality radiates in her practice, putting her clients of all ages at ease and helping them enter their personal healing journey

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Tools, Templates, and Advanced Techniques to Elevate Tongue Tie Care and Outcomes!

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Worried your baby has a tongue or lip tie? Find out more and learn how to address the root cause. 

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