[COURSE] The Tongue Tie Toolkit

Your baby has a tongue tie. Now what?

Often caretakers are left to figure this all out on their own.

Simultaneously, you are trying to feed your crying baby and take care of all the other things you have going on. You worry that nothing is working.

You can be left feeling like you've missed out on those sacred newborn moments of connection and left in a whirlwind of demands and dismissed concerns.

I see you and I’m here to help!

I help families and babies navigate tongue tie every day through my craniosacral practice in Grand Rapids, MI. I know how important it is to find the right approach and team to help you get through this.

The good news, though? Your baby CAN thrive. YOU can thrive.

I see it happen every day. Craniosacral Therapy: Tongue Tie & Beyond curates all the information that you need to understand tongue tie and help your baby.

Inside, you’ll find: 

  • An explanation of what tongue tie actually is, and how treatment goes beyond just a little snip
  • How craniosacral helps your baby, calms their nervous system, and makes miracles happen
  • Things you can do at home to get the most out of your craniosacral sessions
  • How to assemble a team of practitioners to holistically treat your baby, and what to look for in a quality provider so that you feel heard and get the best results possible
  • Lactation resources to preserve your breastfeeding relationship and enjoying breastfeeding your baby
  • Expert interviews with collaborative providers and questions to ask your own providers if you aren’t in the Grand Rapids area

Plus so much more!

These resources give you a roadmap for navigating tongue tie and will save you tons of time and energy so that you can enjoy this precious time with your newborn.

You can also be confident that your baby is getting the treatment they need from providers who will treat you right the first time.

This can save thousands of dollars and countless hours of your time. Most importantly, your baby will get the best possible results in the fastest time possible.

Whether your feeding goals are to help your baby take a bottle reliably, augment their nutrition with breastfeeding, or fully feed through breastfeeding, these resources will help you help your baby.

Tongue tie revision is a surgery. With any other surgery you would expect to have pre-care and follow up exercises or therapy.

The information you find inside of Craniosacral Therapy: Tongue Tie & Beyond will help you get the best results before and after your baby’s tongue tie revision, and is money very well spent! 

I get that this is exhausting. I have cried with many mothers in my office who are struggling with all the emotions and overwhelm that go along with the tongue tie journey.

I have also seen the other side, where babies and mothers were able to meet and exceed their feeding goals.

It IS possible for you to have hope and see the other side too. You can have a great nursing relationship with your baby. Your baby can thrive. I created this resource just for you. 

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